What Types of Pilates DVDs Are Available to Help You Exercise at Home?


Many of today’s well known celebrities are Pilates addicts. They regularly attend Pilates classes to keep super fit and have fantastic toned bodies, as Pilates works on strengthening and balance and is a low impact, high result exercise. A quality Pilates DVD should be the first item to buy when establishing a Pilates Home Equipment collection.

Not only is Pilates a great way to just keep toned, Pilates helps a wide range of different fields including sport injury prevention, finding the right technique for that perfect golf stroke, strengthening the body for birth in prenatal exercises, recovering from birth with postnatal Pilates exercises, weight loss, flexibility in old age, relaxation and much more.

Unlike most celebrities though, most of us don’t have a bank account that enables nannies to look after our kids and chefs to cook our dinners while we attend private Pilates lessons. So instead, the next best thing available to us is to buy a Pilates workout DVD, so we can practise the wonderful exercise of Pilates from the comfort of our own homes.

Just as Pilates can help overcome almost any sport injury or aid in any positive exercise we can dream of, there is also a Pilates exercise DVD available to buy on pretty much any topic.

A Beginners Pilates DVD will generally concentrate on the 6 core Pilates principles of centering, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow. Beginners Pilates DVDs generally contain non advanced exercises and this would be the best Pilates DVD to buy if you have had no prior Pilates experience.

On the other hand, more advanced Pilates DVDs can be purchased for those who are wanting to gain more from their Pilates exercises. The advanced DVDs are the best Pilates DVD for those who have been practising for some time. These types of DVDs will include difficult positions or the use of Pilates equipment.

Other Pilates DVDs you are able to buy might concentrate on Pilates for achieving a specific goal like strengthening the middle core, pregnancy and pre natal pilates, post natal Pilates, Pilates on the Ball, Pilates for helping back aches and toning your abs and buts. There are also quality Pilates DVDs available to buy for many of the Pilates home equipment currently available like the Pilates Magic Circle, the Aero Pilates Machine, Stamina Pilates Machines and much more. Many of the types of Pilates regimes like Stott Pilates and Winsor Pilates, also have a range of DVDs of their specific Pilates techniques.

The list is endless. Basically you can be almost assured a DVD is available for any topic that Pilates can help. Just go to your favourite online DVD supplier and use their search to find what DVDs are available. You will find most reputable online DVD sellers have great descriptions for their product which means, even if the word you are searching isn’t in the title, it will show up in the synopsis of the DVD.

When buying a Pilates DVD online, make sure the DVD is formatted to the correct zone for where you live to save disappointment when it arrives. Also check the shipping rates, although most DVDs are shipped cheaply around the world, as they are so small. Another important factor when looking for a quality Pilates DVD is to check the length of the DVD and how many different topics or exercises it covers.